Kubernetes -05- Sample Application

Core Elements of Kubernetes

-Kubernetes Pod

  • Group of one or more containers that are always co-located
  • co-scheduled,and run in a shared context
  • Containers in the same pod have the hostname
  • Each pod is isolated by
    • Process Id (PID) namespace
    • Network namespace
    • Interprocess Communication (IPC) namespace
    • Unix Time Sharing (UTS) namespace
  • Alternative to a VM with multiliple process

-Labels & Selectors

  • Key/Value pairs associated with Kubernetes objects
  • Used to organize and select subsets objects
  • Attached to objects at creation time but modified any time

For example you want to load balance two pods  you want to change the trafic you can assing to metadata -> label and you can see which pod capture current traffic

Deploying a Pod

We have to define Pod in yaml,

Master will take theese two definations understands to constrains resoure allocation

Node will pass the pod definition, pull the image from registery, and reports the health back to the master,when the ready kubernetes will take next action

Services provides to communication accross other pods or objects ,expose the ports internal external,




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